How can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy from a Certified Master Hypnotherapist can help with many issues

The next time you visit us, be sure to ask for a hypnotic massage. It is a truly unique and amazing massage experience. Clients are made to feel totally relaxed, their senses are heightened, as well as every muscle in the body are super relaxed. Clients leave refreshed, energized and pain-free.


Weight Loss


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight in a steady, regular and healthy way. At the same time you can increase motivation, self-confidence and your general sense of well-being



Stress & Anxiety are very common conditions that I work with and are becoming more prevalent in today’s world.   Hypnotherapy is a  safe & effective intervention, especially as there are no drugs or chemicals involved



A Phobia can be described as a persistent and irrational fear or dread of, and a strong desire to avoid a specific situation, activity or object. A Phobic response to a stimulus is a learned response.


Healing can take place on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Hypnotherapy can become a bridge to enhancing the healing process


The conscious mind of a smoker generally knows that smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit. It has also become a quite an antisocial habit

Hypnotherapy is amazingly effective for…

BED WETTING – treating children over the age of 7 years old

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION – live life to your full potential

MISOPHONIA – can’t stand that annoying crunch or rattly noise?

SEXSOMNIA – a term used for someone who may act out sexual desires while asleep

PUBLIC SPEAKING – get up and speak with confidence

OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR – clear your mind so you can function normally

GRINDING TEETH (Bruxism) – release the jaw from locking and ruining your teeth

NAIL BITING – no more icky nails

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT – achieve better results in exams, at work, in sports and even in the bedroom

SNORING – block out the noise

INSOMNIA – sleep restfully and stay asleep all night

RELATIONSHIPS – repair and/ or become closer

SEX/ LIBIDO – enjoy the lovemaking you’re meant to

DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND GAMBLING – resolve addictions

INSECURITIES – jealousy, self doubt to confidence and self empowerment

MENOPAUSE – Help relieve symptoms and sleep restfully

PAIN – Live pain free!